Help me make a difficult decision..

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  1. I've decided to sell off my Evergreen MAM and one of my Matinees. I hardly use the MAM (should have bought it in night blue instead!) and I've decided I don't really like the Matinee all that much so I'm going to let one go.

    The question is: should I sell the dark grey or the midnight/pewter? What do you think? :confused1:
  2. I would check out if anyone is selling the same bag on ebay. Which one do you think would see better? In my opinion I love both, but I would love toown a midnight pewter
  3. For me, the deciding factor is actually which one I'd use more's a toss-up!
  4. If you use them about the same, maybe you should consider which you will miss most. Which one really feels like it's filling a role in your wardrobe that no other bag can fill?
  5. Well, you stated that you don't really like the Matinee all that much. If you don't love it, maybe just sell both of them and get an MAM or something else that you will love.

    If not, I think the dark grey will sell better than the midnight. I know of several who would love to own the dark grey (myself included ;)).
  6. i think the dark gray is gorgeous. i'd vote to keep that one
  7. i would definitely keep the dark gray and sell the midnight/pewter.

    The dark gray is a better neutral to wear year round with still some color outside of black. KWIM?
  8. keep the grey!!
  9. I :love: the dk. gray Matinee! would probably fetch a higher price than the midnight/pewter. Since you don't really use either Matinees maybe sell them both and fund one you will love?
  10. Hmm, I was going to sell the midnight/pewter and keep the grey because the latter works with practically everything. Sell them both you say. That bears thinking about!
  11. ^Keep the Dark Gray! its gorgeous and versatile!
  12. I vote Grey to keep.
  13. I also vote for the gray. It is such a nice shade and goes with everything.
  14. The grey is beautiful! I would keep that one, but if you really don't like the matinee in general, then sell both and get something you will LOVE.
  15. Thanks everyone. I've decided to sell the midnight/pewter. I might plump for a black basketweave MAM... :P