HELP me make a decision!

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  1. Ok, so I've been really enjoying my new YSL Mombasa. But I'm tempted to get a new bag.... There are lots of interesting things out there for spring, but nothing's really "done" it for me... I realized that I don't really have a "great" black bag--just this one Coach Soho flap shoulder style that works well when I'm going for the conservative look.

    Anyways, some input would be helpful. I was thinking that the LV Epi Figari MM in black might be a nice classic. Has anyone seen this in person?

    Or what about this MJ:

    It's not as big as it looks in the photo.

    I do have the Fendi B-bag in the tan/black patent combo on pre-order. It's the medium size that Saks and NM both had on pre-order. But it's a little pricer than what I think I want to spend....

    I think I'm going for the ladies-who-do-lunch-and-tea look. I don't want a Chanel flap purse with a chain strap though... Thanks for the input! Oh and I'd like to stay around in the $1200 budget.
  2. I love the MJ!! Go for it!
  3. I am not a big fan of this particular MJ bag, but the LV one is gorgeous and definitely the look you are going for!
  4. Hmm, I'm not a fan of that MJ either (which is strange, because I tend to like most of his things).. The LV is pretty :love:
  5. I'm not feeling that MJ bag. Too "queen mumish" for me. I love the LV. In black that would be a knockout!
  6. So funny how everyone's tastes are soo different! :smile: I don't like that LV and I really like the MJ!
  7. What about a Chanel Kelly?
    The ultimate ladies who lunch bag?
    But out of the two I like the MJ...but the shoulder straps look like they might be tight.
  8. I really love the MJ! IRL, it's gorgeous!
  9. You know my opinion... ha ha! But I'll just say it again...I like the MJ better.
  10. Thanks for all your input! I think I'll try to see the Figari in person--it's a shape that could look really good or just odd...

    The MJ is very nice IRL. Just debating whether it's the "right" black bag :P Any more input is welcome!
  11. I think LV is more classic while the MJ is classic with a bit of a twist. Depends how far from classic you want to go...
  12. I love that MJ. I saw one at Holt before I even saw it on the internet. Unfortunatly is was special ordered for someone else. It's even better in person. I'm usually a sucker for the Epi Leather but that bag just doesn't do it for me personally.
  13. I like both LV and MJ collections, but for this one, I like the MJ better.
  14. love the lv
  15. Have you considered Gucci? They have some nice bags that are not too "stuffy." Here are a few I saw.