Help me make a decision!

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Pink patent or Navy patent?

  1. Pink!

  2. Navy!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am ordering myself a pleated patent framed satchel tomorrow. I just cannot for the life of me decide between pink or navy. The pink IRL is AMAZING (I like how it looks better than the coach picture of it) it's a bubblegum pink. However, the navy is also calling out to me (I haven't seen this one IRL yet though)...
    I am a stay at home mom, I am either in jeans or capri's (depending on the weather) and long sleeve or short sleeve tshirts and flip flops or ballet flats...I try to look pulled together as much as possible (makeup every day and a fresh blow but I am more on the casual side.

    I am afraid the pink is too "seasonal" of a it? And the navy....does it "pop" as much as the pink would?

    I wish I could just get both, but DH doesn't think so. HAHA!

    Help!!!!! Which one?
  2. Wait til Wednesday... thats when I'm getting my navy satchel denverjenny! i'm sure that will help you decide! IMO, I think you should get the navy!!
  3. BTW, I will be posting modeling pics and lots of pics in general!! Look for my post around 5:30 pm central time on Wednesday to be exact! LOL
  4. LOL!!!! I am so obsessed about this bag, I am worried if I keep waiting, they will all be sold out! HAHA!!!!!

    Why do I have to be so in love with this one? Sheesh!!! :smile:
  5. LOL... well if your really worried about it being sold out (which IMO the pink would be the one that would be sold out), then get both, you can always return one or the other... JMHO... otherwise there are a lot in the navy yet... I know all the sales girls at my COACH store all got the navy...
  6. I ordered the pink because it's just such a pretty and cheery color. It's not a pale pastel shade. How often do we find a bag in a color like that? The navy is great but I think the pink will look great and be something you can use for many months. It's not like it's a straw bag that is extremely seasonal. I live in NY and I think I will be able to use it for at least 6 months of the year.
  7. I say get the Navy blue. It's such a nice colour. You can wear it for all seasons.
  8. I lean toward pink, but I agree with CoachGirl12...wait and see what the navy looks like. Sometimes I don't care for the really dark blue colors, and if the satchel is close to the blue on the ink Bleeckers, then I would definitely vote for pink. I tend to go for pink bags in general, though, so I just might end up with the navy because I don't have anything like that!! I have a ton of pink bags, and not just Coach brand. Good luck!
  9. Thanks ladies! Keep the reasons for each color coming!!!!!
  10. If you wear jeans a lot and will carry it w/ jeans, Pink! for sure.
    It'll pop.
  11. Pink! :yahoo:
  12. Navy... more practical in the long run.
  13. ITA - plus it looks gorgeous in the pics so far... :graucho:
  14. I think navy is more practical and will match more.
  15. Navy!