Help me make a decision.

  1. I'm planning on getting my first flap soon but I'm still undecided about the colors. This is going to be my everyday/casual bag. What color should i get?

    Black, Beige, or White.
    (btw, I have a black GST )

  2. white
  3. I guess it depends. Black lambskin or white caviar. The beige is nice too. What would match your wardrobe better?
  4. I forgot to add that the flap is going to be Caviar. White looks so pretty, yet, I'm so worry about the color transfered issue because it happened to both of my non-Chanel bag a couple of months ago.
  5. Hmmm I have never had a problem with color transfer with any of my white caviar bags.
  6. I wouldn't think color transfer would be an issue with the caviar. It's very well coated and protected, and pretty worry-free. If you get a white bag, caviar is DEFINITELY the way to go. And white flaps look so lovely! :yes:
  7. Bulletproofsoul,

    Do you think white flap can pass as an everyday bag? or does it look more like an evening/dressy bag?
  8. White caviar flaps can def be used as an everyday bag. I wear mine A LOT!!

    Very easy to dress up or down. But it also depends on the size. What size were you thinking of getting? I use my med and jumbo flaps as everyday bags. The small ones, like the 255, seem to be more dressy to me.
  9. white caviar is the one to get! Color transfer do happen from time to time depending on the material of your clothes, jeans as well as colored(dyed) cottons rubs off color to my caviar flaps, but it can be fixed with baby wipe or magic eraser. To avoid perm. color transfer, i spray all my bags w/shiney monkey, or u can use Apple Guard, to give an extra layer or protection.
  10. any photos of the size comparison??
  11. I would get a Jumbo Beige in Caviar or a Jumbo Chocolate Classic in Lambskin
  12. beige or white..

    ehehe.. dark white is yummy..
  13. since you have a black GST, I'd go for the white caviar!
  14. White is gorgeous, but not sure that it works all year round. I would go with beige since you alreday have the black GST....
  15. white caviar then !:yes: