Help me make a decision

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  1. Pic 1: I have loved this Fendi Spy (cognac) for a long time and want to buy it. I can't get it out of my mind.

    Pic 2: I also love this Prada Gauffre satchel and want to buy it also. I would use it everyday.

    Pic 3 : I already have this Miu Miu Nappa satchel (same shape as the Prada).

    The Prada is the same shape as the Miu Miu. And the Fendi spy is almost the same color as the Prada. My friend suggests, I should get the Fendi Spy and get the Prada Gauffre in a different shape and color. but, I really love this shape for an everyday bag.

    What do I do?:confused1:
    cognac_spy.jpg gauffre_satchel.jpg miu_miu_nappa.jpg
  2. Def #2! it's TDF and Jill swears by that bag. If I had the extra $, I'd scoop one up in a :heart:beat!
  3. All bags are gorgeous! Prada and Miu Miu look kinda similar, I would go for a spy.
  4. The Spy bag is one of the most knocked off bags I have seen. I say go for the Prada.
  5. If I was facing the same choice, I wouldn't know what to do. Both the Spy and the Gauffre are gorgeous bags. The one thing that might swing it for me is the shoulder strap on the Gauffre. If you can afford to get both, then i'm with your friend, you could get a Gauffre in black.
  6. Prada I love #2 :p
  7. I answered this in the other forum:smile: Good luck, let us know what you decide!
  8. I'm baised as I never caught the Spy bug... I LOVE #2 and would easily take one in every color if I could afford to. I also love #3... Though the styles seem similar, I think Gauffre stands in its own special style spot! :smile:
  9. #2.....Thats a KILLER BAG!
  10. PS-I outgrew my spy and ended up sellin it
  11. Definetely the prada !
  12. #2 :tup:
  13. #2, I love this style and color.
  14. I totally see myself using the Gauffre for several months in Fall. So, I guess I will wait to get a good deal on it and buy it. Wish I could have grabbed it two days ago on Bluefly and I would not have this dilema.
  15. I actually like the Spy, but it's too freaking BIG!!! :wtf: