Help me make a decision - Which boot would you go for?

  1. Which of these boots would you pick? One is suede and otherwise pretty straighforward (and on sale!). The other is leather and has ruching on the instep and the back of the calf. And weather-wise, what are your thoughts on suede vs. leather? Any and all thoughts! Thanks!:confused1: I'm looking for something can can be somewhat dressy as well as dressed down.
    nana.jpg ohdeer.jpg
  2. Second one. Much prettier.
  3. The second pair.
  4. yep, second.
  5. Second one
  6. the second one.
  7. ^^ITA, Second pair! Very classy!!
  8. The 2nd pair!
  9. Another addition on the 2nd boot vote ;)
  10. ITA. The second pair!:yes:
  11. 2nd!