help me make a decision! advice needed

  1. hi ladies! i originally loved the ava in antilope colour, but then i started to like the patchwork and now i like the moka colour also! and now i'm just confused :sad:
    would love to get your opinions! any suggestions?
    i was hoping to get one that could fit A4 and one that can be carried on the shoulder (rather than in the nook of my arm - i dont think the size of the small patchwork here fits on the shoulders according to measurements), and if anyone owns one of these bags, could you please post up some photos? it would be great to see a true representation of the actual colour of antilope as well!
    i went on the reference library and celebrities and their chloe thread but couldn't seem to find these bags.
    thanks in advance!! :smile:
    antava.JPG avabrown.jpg patchant.jpg moka.JPG
  2. and this one
  3. Hey Jen2586, I really like all the bags in your post. I have the Ava (large) and the shoulder style Ava, both in Antelope. I would have prefered one in Moka, but I bought the satchel first and then got a great price on the shoulder, and wanted a smaller bag. I really like the Moka patchwork, but have not seen it IRL. If I can find a great deal on one, I just may add it. I love both my Ava's, the leather is scrumptous and seems to be holding up well. I'm attaching pics of both mine, the pic of the shoulder doesn't do it justice, it's a great bag.

    Good luck in your search.:smile:

    bags july 07 001.JPG
  4. The patchwork in Moka/dark brown is a good choice too :yes: and you can find it in NAP (Australia site):

    417,02 pounds (50% off) :tup:

    I really prefer the patchwork, though the Ava is gorgeous too.
  5. Ilson, can you fit A4 documents in both the Ava bags? Beautiful bags! :tup:

  6. Thanks scarcici! You've been so helpful :tup:

  7. I've decided that I love the bay bag! I will try and find that :smile:
  8. The large ava is very big and roomy. I have one in antilope and I love her the color gets a tad bit darker over time which made me love her even more.
    Also, I love having the option to either carry her on my arm, shoulder, or crossbody. So its like you're getting three bags in one!!!!