HELP me make a clutch decision!!


Jul 30, 2008
new york, ny
Hi Guys,

I'm deciding between two clutches:
-RM ruby/gold lex clutch
-Bulga black patent clutch (the half moon shape, buckles on sides) sorry i forget the name right now!!

i don't know which to get! i don't own any new clutches that i would actually use right now- my old ones are all meh.

the black bulga would be more versatile but i don't own ANYTHING red and the RM has a chain. my issue with the RM is that I hate long & short (envelope-esque) shoulder bags. it looks weird that they stick out so long on either side of your body. but i would love that style as a i dont even know if i should be factoring in the fact that the RM has a chain.

if this helps, i'm very small. 5'1". what size/shape would work better?

can anyone review one or both styles and help me?!:cursing: