Help me make a choice T____T

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  1. Hello~

    I have recently fell in LOVEEE with the Mulberry oversized Alexa but I don't know which color to pick!!

    The oak alexa is gorgeous, but I already own the miu miu regular bow in palissandro (sp?) and the colors are pretty similar.

    Now I'm torn between the chocolate brown one, and the black :hrmm:

    Also, does the alexa bags come in matte and shiny leather or only matte?
  2. your links aren't working, but if it's the buffalo leather i'd get the black! esp as you've already got a pallisandro bow.

    hm i wouldn't really call the buffalo leather matte or shiny, more somewhere in between.
  3. This is the black alexa I meant

    It's kind of strange because in that picture it looks a bit larger than the oversized satchel in the website @@

    Aren't they the same?
  4. yep they're the same. i'd still go with the black!
  5. Both choc and black are lovely, I guess it depends what colours you tend to wear and which will fit with your wardrobe better, I'd avoid the oak since you have a similar coloured bag.
  6. both choc & black will match any outfits!
  7. I'd go black as not sure about teaming chocolate with black outfits, but if you're wearing brown you can carry your Miu Miu......but just to confuse you, have you considered the new Conker? It's a lovely wine clour, bit different but very versatile. I don't think Alexa could be boring in any colour but she is extra-interesting in this one!
  8. Have you already got all colours covered - are you missing a black or a choc in your wardrobe?

    If so I'd be inclined to choose the colour you don't have.
  9. Thank you everyone for the suggestons :biggrin:

    The wine colored version is pretty, too.
    But it's not a color I would go for personally :sweatdrop:


    I don't own any choco brown nor black designer bags.
    But I decided to go with black since I already own 2 brown purses (LV+miu miu) -even though they're not choco brown, but they're still brown.

    SO, black it is!
    It's been decided~
  10. Congratulations, black is an excellent choice, always a great filler when other coloured bags can't be worn with an outfit.

    Look forward to your reveal thread.
  11. i love the chocolate, as soon as I saw it I was tempted (altho even more tempted by the conker!) it's a lovely deep warm brown, I'm not a fan as Mulberry's usually browns for the Baywater but the Alexa choc brown is really lovely!