Help me make a choice of winter boots! Uggs or JC

  1. I'm torn between these two, but I can't decide! I think the JC pair is soo cute, but the Uggs have proven to be warm. Does anyone have the JC pair? Also, where I live gets a lot of snow, which turns into slush :yucky: and I hear the Uggs aren't really waterproof. I also have to walk to class/work at the hospital so I'm outside at least 30 min a day. Thanks!


  2. Uggs.
  3. Considering the slush, the Uggs would be a bad choice. They are not waterproof at all.
  4. i am thinking about buying the same JC boots! They are sooo comfy, but the fact that they are white is kind of scary!
  5. I would go for the uggs with the thicker sole for the slush.
  6. Ohhhh...I am in love with my new Uggs, but those JC's are sooooooo adorable!!!!! I say get both...hehehe...the Uggs for drier days, and the JC's for those wet, slushy days!

    :yes: :P :graucho:
  7. ^ That would be the ideal solution, as long as you can afford both, of course. :yes:
  8. Haha, thanks for the help, but I'm still so torn! Hmmmm . . .
  9. Hmm, chinadoll, ALLY24K has the JC boots. You might want to PM her for advice! :yes: I saw them in black as well in the stores so that might be a better option for you ladies worrying about having white boots!
  10. UGGS. They are definitely water proof. I stood in about 1.5 feet of snow with my uggs on when I had my accident last winter. I stood there for about an hour and a half and my feet didn't get wet or cold.

    But I do use the UGG treatment sprays on my boots once or twice every season
  11. I'm still saying BUY BOTH!!!!!!!

    Uggs are not waterproof...they are only water resistant...
  12. Can you buy either of these boots online? If so can you point me in the right direction?

    I think I like the Uggs the best for looks...but the others might be more practical. I know, that's no help at all ;)
  13. uggs:biggrin:
  14. uggs