Help me make a choice between Ink Work & Grey Weekender!

  1. I've always been a LV gal, but recently got into Bbags through mara, who posts here as marae (hi mara!).

    There aren't a lot of authorised retailers over here in Australia, so I got in touch with Cult Status and they were awesome to deal with, not snooty at all unlike another retailer here in Melbourne, and another one in Sydney I've heard bad reviews about.

    I purchased 2 Bbags - an Ink Work and Grey Weekender, on the understanding that I might return one either for a refund or another style.

    Both bags are fantastic! I am attaching some pictures here so everyone can help me make a choice (although I am sorely tempted to keep both!).

    My baby son was staring at me rather intently whilst I was taking pictures of the bags, so my mum who's visiting at the moment placed him in the bags. He looked so cute in them!

    More abt the leather and colors later!
    JL Balenciaga 003.jpg JL Balenciaga 001.jpg JL Balenciaga 007.jpg JL Balenciaga 008.jpg JL Balenciaga 009.jpg
  2. The weekender is so soft and smooshy! :love: The work is not as soft, but the color is awesome. It sort of changes from a deep purple to a purply blue and black from different angles. Both bags are rather veiny, the work more so than the weekender.

    I think both bags have the same sized handles, but the weekender fits under my arm better because the bag is softer?
    JL Balenciaga 012.jpg JL Balenciaga 014.jpg JL Balenciaga 015.jpg JL Balenciaga 016.jpg JL Balenciaga 023.jpg
  3. HI JadeLeaves!!! your son is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!! =). and both your bags are gorgeous! I used to be a LV nut too...until I came across this forum =). I would say if you could, you should keep both! just because the two are really different styles..BUT if you could only choose one, i would say

    INK WORK!!!

    i have the ink work and its the most beautiful color ever!! i didnt really like the size of the work in the beginning (thought it was too big) but after taking it out for a few trips, i've fallen in love with it!!!!

    good luck with your choice :heart:.
  4. I am going to use this mainly as a diaper bag as I'm finding my LV diaper bag a teeny bit too small to fit all my baby paraphernalia.

    I suppose the weekender will be better as it's roomier, but ahh the Ink is so gorgeous.

    I love the grey too, it's neutral and goes with most colors.

    Ahhhh decisions decisions!
    JL Balenciaga 017.jpg JL Balenciaga 019.jpg JL Balenciaga 020.jpg JL Balenciaga 021.jpg JL Balenciaga 022.jpg
  5. Aaaaaw ur son is so adorable:heart::heart::heart:
    the bags are really nice too..I'd say keep them both if u can:nuts:...I absolutely love bigger bag styles, and the colours are a great choice

    they are soooo addictive ;)
  6. Thks azianprideangel!

    With your Ink Work, does it softens with use? It feels kind of stiff now, but everything I've read about Bbags tells me that it will drape a lot better after it's been 'broken it'.

    I am sorely tempted to keep both too, but I really want a bbag with a strap (maybe a city), and it seems too extravagant to be purchasing THREE bags for myself all at once.

    ... although I can wait till the s/s 07 bags are in stock before purchasing a city :graucho:
    JL Balenciaga 024.jpg
  7. Ink work!!! great color, and sounds like you'll get more use out of the size.
    Your kid is adorable!!!
  8. OMG, your son is so cute and he fits perfectly in those bags. :P
    I would say keep your Gray one and wait for the new Spring colors. There is a Marine color form Spring 07 similar to Ink without the Purple undertone to it. Good luck with your decision.:idea:
  9. my vote's for the grey weekender since it's softer, smooshier & i love big b-bags :wlae:

    p.s. your son looks absolutely adorable in those photos!!!
  10. Thanks for everyone's kind comments about my son!

    His nickname is Button, and he's 7 1/2wks old. I'm loving every minute of motherhood so far (well, except the sleep deprivation, but that's a story for another day.. you can say that sleep deprived brain + fellow enabler mara's bbags rave = suddenly finding myself the proud owner of a couple of bbags :rolleyes:)
  11. First off, your son is so cute!

    I would keep the ink one - I love the color!
  12. :shrugs: Hee hee so we have 3 votes for work and 2 votes for weekender.

    Does anyone have pictures of a broken in Ink Work to share here so I can have a look at how it'll look like?

    The leather on the weekender feels absolutely divine -I don't think I have ever owned a bag with such buttery leather!
  13. your son is DARLING!
    and I personally like the Gray Weekender better, especially for a diaper bag!