help me lv pros!!!!

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  1. my boyfriend and i were at the japanese restaurant enyoying our sushi and he accidentally spilled soy sauce on my black alma multicolor bag. how can i clean my bag without ruining it!!! thanks!
  2. did it get only on the canvas, or on the leather too? If it's just on the canvas then soap and water will do it!

    Also, you may want to post this in the LV subforum - there are some real pros there who can help you!
  3. thank you for the advise. it also got on the leather. i just washed it with a very soft wet cloth. the stains are gone but i could still smell the soy sauce.
  4. after the leather is dry. put some baking soda in a cloth sack and roll it where the soy sauce was - the baking soda will neutralize the odor. good luck!
  5. that's a really good idea! thank you monogram_boy!!
  6. good luck - I hope it works! :tup: