Help me love my black/brass Elisha :-/

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  1. Hi all--this is my first post but I've been lurking for quite a while :smile:

    I just bought a black leather Elisha and I want to love it SO much. It's the perfect size for me, I love the sash, the shape, everything about it. But I do not love the brass hardware :sad: All my jewelry and my shoe hardware is white gold or silver, and the brass on this bag is so... reflective! And large. You can't really overlook it, especially set against the black. My husband thinks the brass makes the whole bag look cheap. Sigh.

    Do I send it back? Or will the things I love so much about the Elisha outweigh the brass and I'll just get used to seeing it on myself? All my other bags have silver hardware, so this is just a new thing for me... maybe I just need time. Anyone change their mind about something like this after a while, or should I just send it back and be done with it (sob!)?

  2. No! Don't send it back! That Brass is a staple on the Elisha, and it really looks fine!!
  3. I think what really got me is that all this time I've been imagining it with a very light, almost in-between silver and gold brass hardware, because the pictures online are so reflective you can't really tell the color of the hardware and the descriptions say "light brass"... I was just shocked to pull it out of the dust bag and see a true brass color, and so shiny and obvious. But OK, maybe I just need to adjust my mental image of the Elisha to fit in with what it looks like in real life. And maybe I'll learn to like it. And my husband can keep his opinion to himself ;)

    So I'm not committing a sin by pairing it with silver-hardware shoes? I realized that all my shoes have silver hardware... just looks so odd to me. Moreso than the jewelry. I know matching shoes and bags is outdated but it just screams out at me when I look in the mirror. Maybe this warrants a trip out for some hardware-less shoes! :smile:
  4. If silver hardware is what you want I know the Fall 2007 Suede Elishas had it. It was available in Black suede and Taupe suede. I love the Taupe suede color.
  5. kmp -

    I went through the same thing when I got my first Kooba - I'm a total white metal girl - wedding ring and all. But i have to admit - I've gotten used to it. With time, it really seems like the brass is not as shiny, and I can now see how it fits the richness of the leather and the style of the bag.

    Sounds like you love the bag, so I say keep it - I really hope you'll get used to the brass.
  6. If you don't love it and even hesitate in keeping it, chances are that you will be happy down the road that you have sent it back. I haven't seen the one with brass hardware, but the new black Elisha with patent trim (fall 2008) has shiny silvertone hardware that you might want to check out :smile:
  7. Eh, the suede wasn't doing it for me. The black leather was really what I was looking for (and the leather is sooo nice on these!). Plus I have two kids under 5 and if a sippy cup of something got splashed on the suede I think I'd have a heart attack :smile:
  8. I really want to see the black/patent in person! I've seen pics but I'm not sure about it... I'm a bit hesitant about it being too dressy for what I'm going for. I didn't realize it had silver hardware! Thanks.
  9. I'm glad to hear someone else converted! Yeah, after picturing it both ways, I'm starting to come around... the leather isn't quite the right kind of leather for flashy silver, you're right. And maybe it'll get that brass patina to make it a bit less reflective over time ;)
    I do love this bag...
  10. you will get used to it. i used to be the same way. i have platinum and silver jewelry etc. then i realized i just was limiting myself in bags you will get over it and love it!
  11. The Elisha is probably my favorite bag from the last season. I am not too sure about the new Elisha with the patent trim.
  12. You'll def. get over it. I'm in the same boat (white gold wedding ring and all) and have many bags w/ brass and some w/ shiny gold hardware and I'm sufficiently over it. If you love the bag, you'll forget about the hw color w/ time!
  13. I really do love *everything* else about it... and I am getting a bit more used to it. OK, you've convinced me. It stays! :smile: Thanks everyone! I'm going to enjoy this bag.
  14. Good Choice... I have it too and it is def. my favorite bag. At first I wasnt sure what color the hardware was but it didn't matter. It's such a perfect bag for Love it!