Help me! LOL

  1. Ok, I'm in love with the Vernis Framboise Porte-Tresor wallet. My friends and my husband all told me after a while it would look silly becuase it is a "phase" I'm in. The boutique had the wallet paired up with the regular monogram canvas and I think they look fabulous together.:love: What do you guys think?
  2. Phases are good. Why you ask? Because we all have them. Buy it, use it. You get tired of it, sell it. Someone else will be going through your phase :smile:
  3. I agree. If you love it, buy it!
  4. Do you tend to go through "phases?" If so, then you might want to think about it first.
    But otherwise...
    It's definitely pretty, and it does look nice with the regular monogram canvas (the boutique I go to had the framboise and the monogram paired up too). So as long as you don't tend to go through phases, I say get it.
  5. Why would it look silly? I think it's a beautiful color. If you can put it to good use, and you love it, get it.
  6. I want it. I guess once I pay off my MC this month then I'll buy it. You guys are great influences ;)