Help me locate....

  1. Violet Besace SGH!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone know where to buy this???

    Here's a photo but I want violet w/SGH~

  2. Oooh, I hope you find one! Where have you checked so far? (GL, BalNY, NM, Barney's).......I'll see if I can find out who's ordered it.
  3. ^^^cracker~ thanks for helping!!!:heart::flowers::flowers:

    I know I can get on the list at BalNY but I haven't even called around. If you can find anything out please let me know!!! Thanks!!!!:heart:
  4. I'm no help, but if you find one, please post pics ASAP - I've been thinking it would be a great combo...I love the look of this bag, but it doesn't seem many people have bought it (did a search for pics on the forum & didn't find much) I have no $ for a new Bbag now, so I'm hoping to live vicariously through you - good luck finding it, I think it will be gorgeous! :tup:
  5. I can't wait to see pics of that one. I hope you find it soon.
  6. I know!!! I haven't seen any threads really of anyone who has bought this style but I am crazy about it!!!!:heart: It's such a cool bag!!! Fingers crossed I can locate one!!!!!!!!
  7. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!:heart:
  8. I'm surprised at how long that style has seemed to hang around on Bluefly...makes me think it's not going to be a popular style in general... Hope you find it!
  9. Ooooh Zac ... you'll need a Violet Wallet and/or Coin Purse to match (at both Barneys in our "neck o' the woods" ;))!!

    Meanwhile ... I want the Violet SGH City (or larger) ... I bet anything that it will come in when I'm overseas and so - yet again - I'll miss out :crybaby:(waaaaaaaah).
  10. ^^^CeeJay~ they must have sold the violet wallet and CP b/c I didn't see them!!!

    Anyway~ if I know you~ you'll manage to find the violet SGH city or whatever you want!!!:smile:
  11. Oh Zacorey, I hope you're able to get your hands on one! I didn't even think of this style or the color/HW combo! I LOVE IT!
  12. This doesn't really help :p but the mohagany SGH is back on bluefly and they also just got a black SGH - which I am dying for, but alas, broke! :push::banned: Any luck finding the violet?
  13. Thank couture!!!!:heart::heart::heart:

    Batgirl:heart:~ no luck yet!!! I wonder if any stores are even getting this combo!!!!????
  14. Thanks fiat!!!:heart: I know~ this style I guess isn't popular but I love it!!!!!!
  15. Barneys in Beverly Hills has several bags in this style so maybe they ordered it in violet? Worth a call...