Help me locate this bag

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  1. Hey Girls!

    I saw a bag being carried by a woman in NYC today. I leaned over to get the name and the woman gave me a strange look as if I was going to rob her so I looked away. :smile:

    The bag had a D&G metal label on the front. It was a dark gray metallic. It had straps going down on both sides. It was a squarish type hobo bag. Nice size.

    It thought it would make a nice Fall bag although it was a bit unstructured.

    Does anyone know this bag? Thanks in advance!
  2. Shoulder bag or hand-held?

    I'm gonna take a guess it was this?

  3. No that's not it but thanks for trying.

    It was a horizontal bag (meaning more wide than tall) and slouchy. At the bottom on each end were straps with a buckle.

    Thanks girls!!
  4. Do any of the D & G handbags on this Bluefly page look anything like the one you saw today?
  5. [​IMG]

    Couldn't really find any D&G hobos period. These were just the dark grey metallics I saw.