Help me locate this bag, please!

  1. Can anyone locate this bag? NM had it on sale-but it's gone.:crybaby:
    It's the Chloe Kerala Small Bowler. Thanks for your help!:yes:
  2. I just saw it on NM site 5 minutes ago!
    Good luck:smile:
  3. Yeah, just keep reloading the page. Things tend to pop in and out during these sales.
  4. I agree with ginaf20697! If you don't want to wait, you can always call their 1-800 number and ask the customer service to locate an item for you.
  5. Did you ask an SA to help locate the bag for it? It's possible that they are still out there. Good luck!
  6. That's a cute bag! Good Luck!
  7. Several other TPF'ers had it in their bag and cancelled as well-that bites!:nuts: