Help me locate a Plomb/Steel PT SGH

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  1. I've called around and can't seem to locate this bag. Was this style/combo even made or did I just completely miss the boat? :push:

    I feel like I'm on a quest for the holy grail. Can you please help me? Thanks in advance!!
  2. You are not on an endless quest, my sister has the steel PT with SGH and it is amazing. I have the steel PT with regualr hardware and love it but the SGH is really beautiful!
  3. Call BalParis, they have it.:yes:
  4. Thanks Nanaz! A fellow PFer was kind enough to also steer me in that direction. I called and Nathalie confirmed that they have a couple in stock :yahoo:.

    I should get the order form tomorrow morning so that I can finalize the transaction (hopefully it will be in my hands by Friday :heart::yahoo::heart:

    Many thanks to all for your help!!