Help me locate a Botkier!

  1. I saw this color Botkier on, but when I went on Botkier's website, the bag didn't show up in the color pictured. Has anyone seen this bag anywhere or can help me locate it?

  2. Yeah it is the Lito but the fuschia color isn't a color option listed on the website. I'm wondering where I can find it, or if anyone's seen it anywhere in the fuschia yet.
  3. its showing up for me on the website...try using firefox instead of internet explorer
  4. it's there on the site, you have to click the color
  5. Hm that's so weird. There aren't color options for me for that bag. Every other bag on the website has the alternative colors shown that you can click, but for the Lita it just shows up "Taupe snake" with no other options.

    I don't have firefox. I wonder why it's not showing up on that bag for me- even though everyone else can see it!
  6. I'm not seeing the color options either, but I only have Internet Explorer - no Firefox.

    Very odd.
  7. ^ Ah so it's not just me! I'm not going crazy haha!

    Do you see color options on the other bags though? I do, just not the Lita.
  8. yep, doesnt show on IE, only on firefox...happened with the sale bags too
  9. I have internet explorer, and I also do not see color options for that purse. It's a gorgeous color though- would like to snag one for myself!
  10. Try calling them. I'm sure you'd be able to order it in fuschia that way.
  11. I see color options on a few bags but definitely not all. Like one bag someone will talk about and I will see it but the next I won't. It's making me a little loopy! LOL.
  12. If you tyoe on the browser line, you can get a free download of firefox 2.2. This is a great browser engine. Not to mention you'll be able to see all the lovely Botkiers.
  13. I can see it. Magenta is an option.
  14. It took a few seconds but then the fuschia did show up. Gorgeous bag! If I didn't have a BV bag in a similar color, I'd go for that one.