Help me locate a black leather reissue, million tks

  1. Hello dear members, I have been trying to get a black reissue for a while but still no result from my SA....does any one have any leads, or have seen it somewhere, or have any resourceful SA that you can recommend? ... my SA is very nice and has kept me updated on the search, but there is still no good news I am hoping to get some help from fellow members...

    I have heard so much about the new reissues for pre fall, but there's no mention of the regular black leather...does anyone know if Chanel is going to release the regular black leather....

    Apologise for so many questions....your help and comments are greatly appreciated....:smile:
  2. I think this is sold out a long time ago... i saw 1 more in eBay in Bnew condition yesterday.. Check it..
  3. hope you have better luck thank me. have not been successful
  4. There have been two on eBay in the past few weeks. Both were HORRIBLY expensive (nearly 3K). Set yourself a search for Chanel Reissue and have it emailed every day. It's easier than manually searching especially since they show up so rarely. Good luck!
  5. Thank you all.....I'll continue my search...will definately post pix if I get it...
  6. Iceearl - have u tried calling the Atlanta Neiman Marcus? As of last week, they were putting names on the waitlist for both the black and the dark silver reissue. Atlanta had their trunk show relatively late as compared to other NM (last week), so I think their waitlists will probably be shorter than other locations.

    Paige is the Chanel specialist at ATL NM. She's not very nice (actually she's kind of witchy), but it's still better to work with her than anyone else, because she holds bags for her customers (I know of instances when she had certain high-demand bags, but she told walk-ins she didn't have them because they were working with a different SA).
  7. Hi thanks for the leads, do you know if Paige send to Asia? That's where I am, it will be good if you could pm me her email address....thanks again.
  8. Yes, NM will ship internationally. Unfortunately, I don't know Paige's email...or if she even works through email. She will take phone calls though.
  9.'s ok then,thanks anyways :smile: