Help me lighten my bag.. please

  1. SO today i was taking pics for Whats inside your LV bag? and i realized i carry WAYY too much! ill include those pics shortly and i hope that you guys can think of stuff to take out!
  2. [​IMG]

    inside poche 26:
  3. None of them look like heavy items, maybe just the water bottle. If they're all things you need, then you'll just have to carry them around. Unfortunately since we don't know what things you need in your bag, we can't just tell you what to take out, KWIM? You should just take out/not carry whatever you don't think you need.
  4. I'd recommend separating out your contents into two different piles: daily essentials vs. nice to have on hand (but can do without). For me personally, what falls into the daily essentials category are my wallet, keys, cell phone, and a small cosmetic case. That's what I carry as a minimum at all times in my hand bags. Anything else falls into the nice to have on hand category for me.
  5. Maybe just one wallet, either a cles or wapity? Also, do you need all 3 sun/eyeglass cases?
  6. thanks everyone, i really need to sit down and go through everything!
  7. just get a bigger bag.
  8. what bag are you using?
  9. antigua cabas gm from the 2006 cup
  10. eyeglass cases...and im one for the little things add up...

    If i were u id stick with ONE pen, if u lose it u can adda nother one later! Same with the chapstick! and i maybe stupid, but i dont know what the little black stuff holds!!!
  11. the small black leather things hold contacts and pills
  12. maybe you can do without the water bottle and the eyeglass cases?
  13. Water bottle, glasses case(s), extra pens & those paint color cards can go. Do you need Proactiv when you're out of the house?