Help me learn the name of my scarf children

  1. I have loved and worn scarves for years but I have 6 H scarves and I do not even know their names. It was an H scarf given to me by a friend that started my whole H obession. If some one could help me Idenitfy the scarves, I would greatly appreciate it. I feel like a bad mother that does not even know her own children's names.

    Let start with my favorite scarf that strated it all.
    Thanks in advance
    IMG_3100.jpg IMG_3102.jpg
  2. Here are my other scarves. I purchased all of these in the past 6 months but I still don't know their names
    IMG_2528.jpg IMG_2538.jpg IMG_2628.jpg IMG_2630.jpg IMG_2535.jpg
  3. the first one is les zebras (maybe II), the second one is i believe alphabet russe, the third one is new and i forget the name but i'm sure it on the hermes website, the 4th one is jungle love and i don't know the 5th one.

    and not sure about the one in your first post.

    am i good or what? lol
  4. Thanks hlfinn, you are good. I figured the frist one would be the toughie. It was given to me by a friend and it was a gift from her Ex-Inlaws. She Knew I wore alot of scarves and that I would enjoy it. It is anywhere from 3-10 years old. She had it for several years in her closet before she gave it to me and I have to say it is one of my favs. The colors are sooooo beautiful
  5. [​IMG]

    luna park, j. metz, 1993
  6. Wow thanks you very much DQ. I did not know if anyone would be able to idenitfy it. I should never question the amount of knowledge on this board.
  7. the other 2 are belles du mexique, v. jamin, 2007 and 24 faubourg, b. p. emery, 2006.
  8. did i get the rest right?
  9. i didn't even look, because you ARE good! :yes:
  10. :yahoo: :yahoo: i'm so proud. i've only been at this like a month! thanks to this board!
  11. Wow what a great site. Really neat info about the designs. Thanks
  12. wow, very cool site.
  13. Maybe this was posted already, but the second one is Alphabet Russe, by Eugenia Miroshnichenko, 2006

    Your collection is lovely!