Help me learn about the Pour Monsieur and the Anemones

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  1. Hey y'all,

    I love love love this forum. I can't stop saying that! :biggrin: Anyway, other than the fact that I love so many of Christian Louboutin's shoes, I am completely obsessed with two styles, the Pour Monsieur and the Anemones. :cloud9: I'm hoping to find either pair for my wedding coming up in May!

    Since I'm a VERY new shoe-lover (and new to this site so please excuse any faux pas I may commit) , I'm going to need a lot of help learning about and finding these shoes. I'm a size US 5-5 1/2 usually so I know that's going to be difficult to find already. Would any of you gals know what all of the colors both styles come in and also where I may have a chance of finding them?!

    Thanks so much for any help/advice/information that comes my way.
  2. the Anemones are basically impossible to find now days , they do pop up on ebay now and then but i hardly see them.Since they are pigalle 120 , its recomended you go down half to a full size :smile: so i assume you'd need some think like 35 / 34.5 :smile: you might be able to make 35.5 work with some padding
  3. I feel like the Pour Monsieur's are around somewhat. I'll have a look and get back to you.
  4. Immashoeaddict: Ohh I see, I didn't know the Anemones were so rare. Those were my favorite too! =[ Thank you so much for the advice. If I ever do come across them (cross my fingers and toes) I'll actually know which size to get! =] Thank you!!

    Meggyg8r: Thank you for linking me to those threads and pictures! I've been slowly reading through the threads. My gosh those shoes are SO beautiful. :love:

    JetSetGo!: Thanks for taking the time to help me also! Oh my gosh, I'm totally eyeing the 35.5 pair. If I can't find the Anemones anywhere, I think I might definitely get those. (Would you happen to know if they exist in blue? I've seen the cobalt blue but I came across one picture once where it was a very dark blue - maybe midnight blue? I LOVED them. I'm just worried that I might not wear the beige ones as much as I would other colors.)

    Thank you so much for helping me! I've never been in a forum that's as helpful and just plain fabulous as this one!! :heart:
  5. I'm sure they could be dyed to any blue you'd want! It would be a lot easier than trying to find them in a color. They did come in a range, but I have no idea where you'd get them now, other than stalking eBay.

    Good luck yntl!