Help me ladies!

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  1. I am having such a hard time picking my first balenciaga bag! I can't pick whether I want a blue glacier with GH or violet/purple RH. I was set on the GH but the violet/purple GH are way too expensive! (atleast the ones posted on eBay!)

    Is the blue glacier a versatile color???
    I feel like the violet/purple would be more versitile.

  2. Blue Glacier is a very 'dusty' color, it's not very bright, it looks faded, and for me, that's very casual. With GH, it looks/has always looked off to me just because a color that looks dusty contrasts oddly to bright gold hardware.

    I think Violet would be way more versatile and the color for F/W07 is quite beautiful. You can still possibly find an RH something somewhere if you look around and because RH does cost less than GH, it won't be as high as the Violet with GH.
  3. any bag with GH gets my vote, my favorite hardware.
  4. I personally would prefer the violet, as the color seems to go with a lot. It's a nice substitute for black, ya know?
  5. The Violet RH gets my vote. You can try AlohaRag, they may have some violet RH available at retail.
    The gold giant studs just looked abit off on a blue glacier imo.
    Or you can wait for the Spring 08 collection, i think there are some very pretty blues coming out.
    All the best with your search. :smile:
  6. Thanks ladies! I'm still confused!:s
  7. The violet is more versatile because its a darker colour and so will go with most pple's wardrobe.

    Blue glacier is a pale blue which looks more summery in comparison.
  8. violet is my vote, I like the deeper richer colours.
  9. I vote for violet also, as I think that the darker color will be easier to maintain.
  10. i vote for violet too! i too agree that it will be easier to maintain and you may be able to incorporate it into your wardrobe more. good luck!! :heart:
  11. Definitely get a Violet if you can! Then later you can get an 08 Blue!
  12. violet in any hardware is gorgeous really so it should be a nice easy choice...just got to find what would match your jewelry better....SGH or GGH. Goodluck.
  13. I'm not a fan of the blue glacier at all... i have the violet and i find it amazingly versatile... its a gorgeous color... you will not go wrong... i guess i'm biased! ;)