help me ladies...

  1. I have managed to find a turquoise 2005 twiggy...but since it's night time here in my country..I find the color sad....should I keep the bag or just return?:unsure: :wondering :wacko:
  2. Why is the color sad? I am so sorry to hear that though, I know how you were looking forward to it. Post pics! I find it hard to believe turquoise being sad, it seems like such a happy color.

    If you're not happy with it, I would definitely return it if you have that option. Maybe it'll look better in the daytime?
  3. please post pics! i think we can change any doubts you may have!
  4. ^^^
    Yeah I agree, sometimes the color is all in the lighting. Is the bag nice and clean?
  5. the bag looks like it hasn't been used yet...

    here are some pix i took just now...


  6. Wow!! Im in love. I think it is a beauty!! Its a keeper!
  7. That color makes me happy!
  8. Nhelle, that's gorgeous! :love: Keep it. It's great for summer.
  9. It is beautiful...the color is so vibrant!.....keep, keep, keep it!
  10. I say see how you feel about it tomorrow and return it if you still don't like it.
  11. thanks ladies..maybe I should take her out tomorrow morning and see if I fall in love w/ her...:unsure:
  12. i's a happy color :smile:

    carry her for a day, and see how you feel then.
  13. i will;) :love: and will let you ladies know how it turns out:shame:
  14. You will love this bag... i'm sure about it.... I had this colour , it's great, simply perfect for summer..
  15. I think it looks like a beautiful bright Hawaiin ocean....... it's so vivid! I think when you see her in the light, you will change your mind in a heartbeat :smile: