****Help Me Ladies I need Some Advice & Enabling***

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Which one ladies?? And post your opinion.

  1. Keep Mahogany Chevron Quilted Lindsey

  2. Exchange Chevron for Large Lindsey in Perssimon

  3. Keep Chevron & hope Perssimon goes to outlet

  4. Exchange for Persimmon, I believe Chevron will be at outlets soon

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Okay ladies I purchased the Madison Quilted Chevron Nylon Lindsey in Mahogany. I think she's beautiful.....but I guess what bothers me is the material seems delicate. I was told that the material used is the type of nylon used in a diving suit.??? Now I have way too many bags to to justify purchasing a new bag, but then again I do not own anything in the Persimmon color or even close. I do have a chocolate Zoe, Mahogany??? Kristin zip top, Mahogany Garnet and So I am leaning in that direction especially after Daelily"s reveal. Do you think the Quilted seems to be delicate???

    I'm so uncertain help me. Then again I keep saying to myself I can buy one now and just as C4C says.... well you know. hehehehe
  2. Keep her! Like you said, the mahogany is beautiful...the nylon seems quite durable to me -- I don't think I'd go as far as saying it's the kind of nylon for a diving suit (?!) - but I don't think she's susceptible to tears or scratches or anything like that.
  3. Aren't diving suits made of neoprene??? Don't know how delicate the nylon is, but I sure do love the persimmon color! It's a great pop of color, and different from anything else you have.
  4. I actually think the quilted nylon feels pretty durable, but I don't own one to know for sure how it wears outside of the Coach store. Diving suits?!? I too always thought they were made of neoprene. Anyway, it sounds to me like you have quite a few great brown bags already. I think the persimmon color is really fabulous and would be a nice addition to any collection!
  5. I don't think the persimmon will make it to the outlet. It's too new and hot a color and will sell out in my opinion.
  6. Take that CHEVRON BACK - We already had this convo - what is the problem woman - you know this bag and all others will show up -
    just like the always do - LOLOLOLOL
  7. Personally I don't care for the quilted nylon bags. But that's just me. I'm carrying my persimmon Lindsey today for the first time and I love this bag! So I vote for persimmon.
  8. From reading your post I am getting the vibe that you are looking for someone to help you justify the persimmon, lol. Well, that's exactly what I'm gonna do. The leather is much more durable than any nylon, it's very soft (which is amazing, a little rare compared to old madison pieces that were stiff and nothing like this leather) and the color is tdf!!! I do believe that the Chevron will go to the outlets sooner, but in general I personally think that a persimmon leahter lindsey would be of better use than nylon. Hope this helps!
  9. Well the Chevron is a 70th Anniversay bag so that makes it special. Also last I checked with CS there were about 3000 of the Persimmon Lindsey in stock and only a couple hundred of the Chevron?
  10. Not sure if this helps or not, but I was at my local Lord & Taylor earlier in the week and they had the Chevron Sophias and Lindseys on sale for 25% off PLUS another 20% if you had a coupon or L&T card. I was so in shock that I had the SA ring one up just to make sure the sign wasn't in the wrong place and they were on sale. Maybe you can get one on sale and then get the persimmon too :graucho:
  11. Keep the chevron! Its unique looking (how many plain leather bags do you need?) Its 70th Anniv. Limited Edition, its durable and lightweight, and again...its unique! I love it!
  12. My boyfriend purchased the Mahogany Chevron this Thurs. and the reason why I decided on this bag and not the Persimmon is also bc its an anniversay bag and I just loved it. Today is day 2 on carrying her she is very comfy. I've used her crossbody and I love it

  13. All the Coach store managers had gotten the Mahogany Quilted Lindsey free a few weeks ago. The whole diving material is what they said was mentioned at their Coach kick off meeting??? Not sure what they call it.