help me kind VERNIS owners!

  1. i finally received Koala wallet in framboise today!:heart: it is so CUTE and i LOVE the color....

    WELL.....i already have a small 6 ring agenda in the same color but when i compared the two.....:confused1: .....the color is little bit different.

    agenda is made in Spain, sometime in Nov 05. (sorry i'm too lazy to look at the date code, but i remember this much!)

    koala wallet is made in France in Dec 06. (i saw this earlier when i opened the box from eLux...)

    Koala def has little more sparkle and seems little bit bluer in pink and monogram pattern is embossed little more strong, on the other hand agenda seems little more softer and weaker in pink and monogram seems 'shallow'er if you know what i mean.... but both colors looks the same in the dim light though. i LOVE the color of the wallet much better than the agenda one.

    inside is exact same color.

    so i guess my question is..... what about your vernis? does that happen to you guys? i never had enough vernis items to notice this, i know that even regular monogram stuff are different in color sometimes....

    i once compared MONO Koala wallet at Saks and made in France and USA were little bit different in size and color!! :nuts: SA told me that was not the case...but i know my eyes!!:rolleyes:

  2. i have many bronze vernis pieces and they all look the same color to me,and i did purchase them all fairly close together, but not all at the same time.
    i am not sure what to tell you.....will you keep it, or does the color difference bother you too much?
  3. Yeah it can vary between colors and can even vary if they're the same color. For example, my Bronze Ludlow, is stamped fairly lightly (as are a few other pieces), but my Framboise Houston is stamped pretty deeply (also as well as a few other pieces). Also, my Peppermint PTI's have a variation of has a bit more sparkle than the other.
    It just depends due to the uniqueness of the line. :smile:
  4. sorry, i did not read your post thoroughly---some of the items are embossed differently, yes. the reade pm and lexington softly, the cles and the eldridge wallet deeper.
  5. thank you Michelle and Rebecca!!! you guys are the sweetest!!

    it did bother me a little.... but i guess i wanted someone to tell me "it is OK..."!


    now i can sleep better tonight! :heart: :p :heart:
  6. I have the framboise agenda too....I don't have anything to compare to it YET but when My DH decides to give me my Valentine's present I'll have a Framboise cles (it is "hiding" in the trunk of his car). Then I'll be able to compare the two and let you KNow.

  7. Lol you're welcome. :smile:
  8. YooHoo!!
    but....valentine's present?!! you need YOUR baby's 1st birthday present for YOU, you need to convince your DH.....!!!:graucho: you deserve all YOUR work! heehee:p :heart: :roflmfao:
  9. I think I used that one already...he bought me a BH after she was born. Someone on another post gave me a good idea though...Chinese new year present! LOL...he's chinese which makes my daughter chinese...and that means I'll need something else in pomme da'mour!!! LOL
  10. your agenda is much older than the new wallet, so the colors will vary a little bit :smile:
  11. Congrats! As the others said, diff. batches, die lots, embossing, etc can obvioulsy be slightly different.
  12. ^^^ thanks again ladies! i feel much better now! ;) :heart: :biggrin:
  13. Yeah, I have three bronze pieces and the colors all are different. :biggrin: but my two red pieces match ... maybe some of the colors are hard to duplicate time after time.
  14. Vernis fades and can change colour - especially if it's been exposed to sunlight. The top of my bacpack is almost yellow whereas the rest of it it baby pink.
    And - are you sure your wallet is Framboise and not Fushia?
  15. With the date code years of 05 and 06, the pieces could only be Framboise, not fuchsia since that was discontinued in about late 03/early 04. :smile: