Help me keep a 10 yr old girl entertained in my house for a couple hours...

  1. Hey all, not sure if this is the right place for this post but here goes:

    Next weekend I have to host a HOA meeting in my house (long story), so along with having about 20 adults over to review some HOA business, one of my neighbors (who is also a good friend) has to bring her 10 yr old step daughter over to the house as well (long logistics story, I'll spare the details).

    The step daughter is a little rambunctious at times and so along with talking to my friend about how to keep her entertained I was wondering if you guys had some ideas on a small gift or something I could get her to read, crafts, anything to keep her occupied. Or, should I just let her use my computer and be done with it? I don't want her distracting the meeting and I do have 3 rooms upstairs where she could hang out but I'm at a loss for ideas.

    Any other ideas? TIA! :heart:
  2. Oh and I will add I don't have a TV in the upstairs area where she would be hanging out...:whistle:
  3. three words



    high school musical
  4. I know, seriously! I forgot to post in my OP that I don't have a TV where she'll be hanging out, sorry...
  5. Buy some fun beads and string, and maybe a clasp that is easy to tie on and she can make necklaces and bracelets! Or craft string- I have no idea what it is called that she can "knot" (hope you know what I am referring to) to make bracelets, or even gimp. That is good for at LEAST an hour of fun.

    Colored pencils and a sketch book.

    Maybe a stamping kit and paper.

    All this stuff is probably available at a Craft store or even Walmart.
  6. Oh, and Babysitters Club Little Sister books? I used to love those.

    Also at bookstores sometimes they have diaries with pages to fill out that are already designated topics- like "My best friend" or "What I did today" or "My favorite memory" or whatever. That would be a fun gift.

    Check this page out, too
  7. ^^ thank you so much, great ideas!!
  8. It's hard, because kids are so different.

    Honestly though, if I had to bring my child along to a meeting (and have had to in the past), I would make sure they had plenty to do and a strong admonishment to behave.

    If you do want to provide something; a computer is a good option (and if you have even a fairly new one, it should play DVDs..that solves the TV problem), I like the beads idea too. Crosswords and puzzles might work. I used to like paperdolls, and if they still make them, the ones you have to cut out gives you some 'craft' and then something to play with.

    Good luck :smile:
  9. ^^ thanks, Tink!! DOH my laptop here plays DVDs but I never play 'em on here so that is a great idea!!

    Thank you all so much for your suggestions!!

  10. When I saw this post I just couldn't help but laugh out loud! My kids are driving me crazy watching this every single minute of the day!

    You need to get this in the computer before she even comes over! Or if she wants to play on your computer, is a good website to go on. Either that or webkinz. My kids can be on those sites all day long if they're allowed to.
  11. That's exactly what I was thinking! There are these little craft kits 'especially for girls' at Target (& elsewhere I'm sure..) where they can make all sorts of beaded jewelry. :yes:
  12. The bead kit is great. Tuesday Morning had some great kits these past few weeks. If you have one near you it is worth the trip.
  13. I know that bead kits are great for girls that age. Also, if you have a portable DVD player, she would watch High School Musical in the room. A notepad, colored pencils, stickers and stamps would be a great choice, too....

    It's very thoughtful of you to come up with ideas.
  14. How about a 10 year old boy??? j/k

    Doesn't your friend have stuff to bring? If not, I wouldn't let her surf the internet, but DVDs on the computer would be good. Also, cute stationery works--she can write to out of town friends and relatives.

    Good luck!