Help Me Justify This ...

  1. I currently carry this bag, which I bought for like $75 last Sept:

    But I have been DYING to "upgrade" to this one, which is $250.

    My current functions very well, and I love it, and use it over all else it seems. But the other one is slightly bigger(which I don't need) and just much more beautiful in color....
  2. Buy it! Just because your old bag functions well does not mean you don't "need" a new one :smile: I think it's really cute and it would be nice to have another color on hand....I say get it!
  3. hmmm.... I think they are both beautiful.. hard to Justify when you got such a great deal on the first and they look like the same thing, but whatever makes you happy!! Maybe you could sell the current one to help pay for the new one? Honestly they look identical to me except the color.. beautiful bag though!!
  4. haha AlohaGirl I like your thinkin!

    The only difference is the prettier one is 2" bigger in each direction, the darker one is 12x12 by 4" thick and the pretty one is 14x14x6.

    My DH said the same, sell the first. I don't have a clue if I could sell it...
  5. ame, you love the style. It works for you. There is no reason on earth not to have another in a different color. You CAN NOT have too much of a good thing. Why, I myself have five Inkas in different colors. I adore the style, love the style, know that it's taken me years to find the style I like, so do NOT let this pass you by. You only live once.
  6. Great point! Thank you!
  7. I like the new bag and I'm sure you've gotten your $75.00 worth out of the old so I say go for it!
  8. You guys are great at this! You are totally overwriting my guilt!
  9. Go try on the new one first. The size difference might bother you. I know I don't like mine to big. If you can't try it on then buy but don't sell the other until you are sure you love this new size. Good luck.
  10. OMG- I have a vintage Ralph Lauren Blackwatch tote in that exact shape!
  11. 1) You should get the second one because then you'll have an extra bag when the first bag breaks apart or gets destroyed.

    2) use the first one as your throw around bag and the second as your nice bag - the one you take out on special occasions or when you need to look right.

    3) the old bag is more of a fall/winter color and you need something for spring/summer. this way you will always have your favorite bag (shape/size) whatever season it happens to be.

  12. Do it... you'll regret it if you don't.

    You know you like the style, the color is different enough, and you can -always- sell one or the other.

    But do it. ;)

    (We're here to enable...)
  13. Hey, I say go for it! The color is luscious! I just purchased a black a.c. mini city when I already owned the very bag in butterscotch but what it came down to was if I loved it in one color, and it works for my needs perfectly, it was a given I would love it in another color....AND I DO!!!
  14. I'd say, you work hard and deserve a new bag. If you buy this bag and will use it alot, then it's worth it. So, buy it and enjoy it like your current one.
  15. You are the best enablers!!!


    I get paid this weekend so maybe I can swing it now. :smile: