Help me justify this purse!


    I can get a really decent price on the bloomingdales site but I already have an electric blue MAC that I love. I do however enjoy the colours of this one a lot and have been lusting over it ever since I first saw this colour patter in a MAM. I am just trying to be good with my purse spending as I would love to purchase a MBMJ Hillier in the fall! However I know these colours will go with everything!

    ahhh! what is a girl to do!
  2. What's a decent price? Honestly, only you can decide if it's worth it. I have 2 MACs and they are similar, so I don't use them both often enough. However, I also have several MAMs and I rotate them often. So if MACs are the right size bag for you and you will use them both, then go for it!
  3. Bloomingdale's is having an insider sale (or something like that) where it's $25 off every $100 you spend... she may be referring to that sale. So if she bought something additional to bump up her total to $300, she can get $75 off which is a pretty good deal.

    To the OP: I saw this bag in Bloomie's yesterday! It is beautiful. If you can get a good price on it, I would get it!
  4. Girl, u need to get this bag...I have been waiting ever so patiently (more like impatiently, lol) since I first saw it 1-2 months ago to go on some sort of sale. I bought it yesterday at Bloomies, finally.
    It is an awesome bag! OR, if you don't like the MAC, there is a beau and a mam floating around elsewhere on the internet. I like the MAC because it showcases the weave on more area of the bag. :biggrin:
    But yes, GET IT!!! :nuts:

    ETA: This is coming from someone who has three macs already: black rgh, green gh, and aquamarine gh. Don't let your blue one stop you.
  5. Get it!! I think it's an absolutely gorgeous version of the MAC and soooo unique!!! I am seriously considering the MAM, although I wish it came in the MAB.
  6. If you have been longing for this bag then go ahead and get it! :smile:

    ...otherwise you won't stop thinking about it and you may regret it once your chance has passed
  7. I just switched over from a long champ to my MAC and I am really enjoying it! As much as I love all the neons out there but there is just something about this purse that does it for me! If I get it through bloomingdales I get $50 off which I think is a pretty decent deal!
  8. it's gorgeous! but IMHO, it's definitely a "seasonal" bag - i can't really picture this one out and about in the dead of fall with the leaves changing colors and the snow since it screams SPRING/SUMMER!! having said that, i think everyone needs a fun bright warm weather MAC!!! :graucho: i'd say get it if it makes you happy! :woohoo:
  9. I agree. It's beautiful an bright, but I also see this as more of a trendy bag. When I buy a bag, I try to ask myself " will I carry this 2 year from now?". If the answer is no, then I usually pass :smile:

    But like the others have said, if it makes you happy and you love it, then by all means go for it!
  10. OT, but double check this w/the $25 off $100; the email & code I got excluded RM the other day...I even tried it & it didn't work. Just thought I'd let you know :smile:
  11. I bought a grey mini mac and the code worked... I also asked about it in store and the saleswoman told me that the code would apply to RM (regarding mini macs, I didn't ask about other bags)! That's weird that the code didn't work for you?! Maybe it's certain bags?
  12. I think this bag is adorable!! - but agree with cee that it's strictly spring/summer. The only downside I would have with carrying this is that I tend to wear alot of prints and this would kind of clash, and the leather looks kind of stiff. Would love to see pictures if you get it!
  13. I know this isn't for everyone (I too am considering this bag) and others have told me it's "trendy, too loud & busy" etc.

    However I don't give a **** I LOVE IT! So edgy & unique. I say get it!!!
  14. I ordered it ladies! I will post pictures when I get it! I used the code over the phone as I am a Canadian with an American shipping address and it was no problem at all!

    I am so pumped for it!