Help Me!!! Just Back From Nm Chanel Trunk Show!!!!argh!!!

  1. I just saw the MOST KILLER bag :drool: :drool: ..Its called the Outdoor tote in red.It has two small hand straps and one long strap with a chain laying on the long strap.I died..I wanted to buy it right there and GUESS WHAT???NM DIDNT ORDER THE BAG IN RED!!!???WHY IS THAT???LOL!Im at the trunk show and they dont carry a bag they are showing????HELLO??
    So Im desperate and call Chanel..They arent carrying it either...HELP ME FIND IT!!!PLEASE!!!!!IM BEGGING!I think it was 2285..LMK if any of you see it!!!!!
  2. Have you called Saks? That may be your last option :sad:
  3. I called and the Chanel specialist had left for the day..Calling Saks tomorrow.I called Bergdorfs and they said they had it in Brown...which she said looked like rust???EWW???Anyone see that color?
  4. Jill has the Chanel fever:lol:
  5. ^^LMAO!! OMG..IM DYING FOR THIS BAG......the pain...SOB....:crybaby: :sweatdrop:
  6. [​IMG]This is a pic of MAXTERS BAG..the long strap has THIS chain on it but thicker AND it had two small handles attached was a square shaped tote...
  7. My brown Outdoor tote isn't rusty brown but a dark, chocolate brown. Here's a pic of the rusty brown in the hobo style.
  8. Jill, Nordstrom ordered the tote you want in brown and dark grey. It's $2285 as per your post and at the Downtown Seattle store. I don't know if they have any left but they ordered 2 brown and 3 dark grey.

    The store is still open for phone shopping!
  9. I have seen this in Neiman trunk show. I think Neiman calls this red color as Rust. The bag is very cute with that chain on the strap. But size wise is about 13" by 13" and it is open top which I am afraid of losing stuff. But the design is very fresh Chanel...:P
  10. You have the phone #?????:crybaby: :nuts:
  11. OK-- I called Chanel again and they are saying the bag is 2225???Is this right..I could of SWORN it was 2285..argh....:nuts: They have it in brown..I would settle for brown..maybe..LOL
  12. ^ THAT IS NOT The correct tote..The one I want has an open top..two SMALL hand starps IN ADDITION to a LONG strap ALSO attached.Its an open top tote..NO ZIPPER!
  13. I just want to make sure I get the right one..LOL...its driving me crazy,can ya tell???HEE!HEE!:nuts: :drool:
  14. I figured that out Jill.