Help me interpret this LV date code?

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  1. SD0948

    SD- is that France or the USA?

    The rest of the number sequence does not make sense to me... :hrmm:

    (This is an EPI item)
  2. I am not sure if SD is France. It may be USA (San Dimas). The numbers indicate that the bag was manufactured in April of 1998 though.
  3. i think 04 is month and 98 is year
  4. Ahhhh OK! The 8 really threw me. THANK YOU!!!! :heart:
  5. One more question: how long has the epi line been produced? I can't seem to recall... for me, 1998 seems like eons ago
  6. SD means it was
  7. SD means it was made in the USA.............
  8. here is a list I have,

    CA/LO - made in Spain

    SD/FL - made in USA

    LP - made in Germany

    FA - made in Switzerland

    TH ( VI, AN, AO, A1, A2, AR, SL, SP, MI, ST) - made in France
  9. FL is made in France. Date Codes with SD are produced in both France and the US.

  10. Can there be a date code that begins with DU ????

    edited to add: apparently DU is made in France.
  11. My Speedy has AA0036 - It was purchased in Paris last month. What does that all mean? Thx.
  12. I love learnin these things! Thanks for sharing this CherryLV
  13. I'm pretty sure SD means San Dimas (CA)
  14. EPI was introduced in 1985 (or 6 can't remember at the moment) so if 1998 is eons ago...Well..;)
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