help me in my...

  1. search for an Ink or Marine City.

    Any idea where I'd start my search?

    I've looked on eBay - but i am horrible at differentiating between the real and faux one - so any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
  2. There is an ink city on eBay right now:

    I would defer to the experts in the Authenticate This thread as to whether it is authentic.
  3. Please remember, we do not permit links to eBay, other than in the Authenticate this Balenciaga thread. Thank you!
  4. Although the lady at the Bloor Street, Toronto Holt Renfrew told me a load of rubbish about the prices, she did say they had an ink in stock a couple of weeks ago or so. Mind you, the Canadian prices are much higher than in the US. If you have no luck on eBay and are really desperate, you might like to try there.
  5. LOL! I agree with you - they are full of rubbish! yeah, holt's and their inflated prices. They need so major competition around here so they can't overcharge people:cursing: (but that's another topic!)

    I might just pop by there after work to see what they have. Do you mind telling me the name of the lady that told you this information? thanks;)
  6. You may want to call BalNY, I've seen other members that purchased 2006 bbags from them (since you are looking for an ink). It wouldn't hurt to ask! ;)

    I have a Marine City and it is TDF! Good luck and keep us posted if you find any!
  7. I think if you can be a little patient, you might see a few crop up on Ebay over the next few months when the violets come out. I have a feeling there will be a few people who will want to get the violet and they will sell their ink bags to do it. But it is just a theory. Good luck.
  8. thanks Allisonfaye! ;) you make a very good point!
  9. i may have some hope... my NM SA says that NM VA has one but she needs to call to request for a transfer! :wlae:
  10. Try with anns fabulous finds or with Corey from Real deal Collections. Try bAL NY ..