Help me in my search for my first Chanel?

  1. I'm looking to get a black medium classic flap with the bijoux chain...sadly HK Chanel does not stock them, only the original chain :tdown:

    I'll be in NY for a week in November, and I want to know whether it's relatively easy to get my hands on a bijoux chain classic flap? I know this will be after the price increase unfortunately, but I want the new chain cos I feel it's more me!
  2. Hi ribena, I am going to HK soon , in search for flaps with bijoux chain, and I am so disappointed to know that the stores do not stock them. Did you check with every store?
  3. Meow - I went to the 2 stores - Prince's Building & Pacific Place. SA's at both stores had never heard of a new/bijoux chain and were quite rude about it! They insisted there's only one chain for the classics and that I'm wrong. :yucky:
  4. I believe the medium black classic with bijoux chain is still available through Neiman Marcus. Good luck - hope you find one! :yes:
  5. ribena, you should beat the price increase. Why don't you order it from NM now? They charge $50 for intl shipping and it works out great for you since they won't charge you tax when it arrives in HK.
  6. -DITTO-

    Order from NM....they shipped internationally:tup:
  7. because i'm leaving hk in a week's time, i'm afraid the bag won't get to me on time?
    how long does NM international shipping take?
  8. i just did a search and found out that bijoux chain was for s/s only. (sorry i'm new to chanel)...should i just settle for the original chain then? i just found out that Neiman Marcus does not take visa so i can't order it through there either. :crybaby: