help me!i'm so upset. i think lt sent me fake cb!!!

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  1. i'm so upset,sad,frustrated, angry, and heartbroken!!! i thought i was going to getthe purse i've been waiting a long time for today from lt.......well, something came and i think its totally fake!!! its a brn cb pochette......i had tpf authenticate it and they said looked good BUT lvbabydoll suggested to get pix of the screws behind the bow and heat stamp........i emailed lt but they never responded.....because there are no screws behind the bow....PLUS the screws on the purse are all SMOOTH!!! i should've listend to lvbabydoll but went ahead and purchased.......the bottom of the bag doesn't look right either.i can't believe this happened to me!!! i'm scared now....i emailed lt but they haven't responded back to me....i can hardly type because i'm shaking because i'm so pissed!!! what do i do now???? help.........has this happened to anybody else as far as authenticity? i can maybe understand if it wasn't the condition they expected, but a FAKE BAG???? i feel like such a fool......

  2. If it's from let-trade, it's most likely not fake.
  3. Is that the pic of let-trade site and did you buy from them? I'd be surprise if it was fake. Since their things are purchase by many members on the board singing praises of great second hand deals.
  4. do you have pictures you could post? maybe it's all just a big misunderstanding .... as far as I'm concerned LetTrade is a really reputable seller and I don't think they'd jeopradize that with a Fake Pochette :yes:
  5. The bottom of the CB pochettes are supposed to look like that. It is more narrow than other pochettes for some reason. I should know, I have like 8 pochettes (CB included) :p

    The screws behind the bow should look like this:


    Hope that clears things up for you. If you still think you got a try to post your own photos for us to judge :yes:
  6. Yes, please post pictures in the "Authenticate This Louis Vuitton" sticky under the "Louis Vuitton Shopping" section. ;)
  7. Please post pics.....:yes:
  8. elle, you beat me, I was just gonna post that picture :shame:
  9. I hope you've calmed down a bit so you can post pics. That is the best way to clear things up. And like everyone else has said I've never heard a bad thing said about let trade regarding authenticity.

    Good luck!
  10. okay...i'm a bit calmed down now thanks :smile:. here are the pix from LT: thanks so much for all y our help...the only thing that is making me believe this is fake is the screws are all SMOOTH!!!! i know in pix screws are hard to tell if they are pointed or smooth........i'm so sad.......
  11. Can you take pic of the bag you received? Not pics from LT, really want to see the screws....
  12. unfortunately, i don't have my camera here, but it looks like the same bag that LT sent me. as soon as i get my camera, i will post pix of the screws. it seems that the screws on the handle are 6 points but its hard for me to say. the ones on the purse itself are smooth though. is there any easy way to tell the difference between smooth and pointed? is it that hard to tell? am i missing something? i've felt the screws with my finger tips and they feel smooth. i'm really hoping that i'm over-looking something here...........

    thanks guys.....

  13. Cool. Keep us updated. ;)
  14. I will def keep you guys updated as I hope that I am truly wrong about this whole thing. I just called my friend who owns a pink cb pochette (bought from an LV store) and she is going to let me borrow it so that I can check out the screws as well. Is it supposed to be obvious whether they are pointed or smooth? Or is that something thats rather hard to distinguish?
  15. I know that everyone loves LT, that is why I did not hesitate to buy from them. This is the first time I've ever purchased a used LV. As you all know, they are known to sell only authentic so I'm still HOPING that I've carelessly overlooked something!!!! As stated, it makes no sense for them to jeopardize their business by selling me a fake pochette... Thanks you guys for all your help.

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