help me i'm going crazy

  1. I'm going crazy here today because I HAD to check my email and of course I got that notification from Shopbop about the sale and they have the Marc by Marc Mouse shoes that I want... except that I really shouldn't be spending money right now.

    I'm so worried that by the time they are in my budget, they'll be sold out...


    I'm going crazy. Should I buy them? Should I put the credit card down and go sit in the corner?

    I just... can't... resist.
    No, I must resist...
  2. Why am I so OCD about marc jacobs? Is anyone with me on this?
  3. do you have a link to the shoes? i want to see them!
  4. i hate to be a bad influence... but i say...

    DO IT:tup:
  5. ooooohhh noooo :roflmfao:
  6. haha! no, i just bought a mbmj purse last weekend, so i'm trying to behave. i'm afraid i'm going to have to be an enabler and tell you to get them. Shopbop rarely ever has sales codes and the shoes are so adorable! i mean, look at them one more time and tell me that you can honestly go to sleep tonight without knowing that they're on their way to your house.
  7. Well folks, :crybaby:

    yeah, um, they're on their way to my house.


    gosh my life is so sad
  8. if you can afford them get them, but if you wait I'm sure you'll get another chance
  9. oops...i was a lil late...LOL..

    Congrats!!! :flowers:
  10. really? I was sooo worried I wouldn't. They're sold out like everywhere.
  11. congrats!!!

    i would buy them in a heartbeat, but they don't come in my size.

    i'm so glad you treated yourself- life's too short not to:wlae:
  12. congrats, did you get the black or b/w ones?