Help Me. I'm Dense!

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  1. I see you guys saying that you "wear" handbags and "try on" handbags. Granted I'm from another generation than 99% of the members here, but how does one "wear" a handbag?

    A handbag is something I have always carried. :girlsigh:
  2. Put it on your shoulder and see how it looks with your body/proportions.
  3. No, that's not what I mean. One "wears" clothes, one "wears" shoes but in my ancient world, one would "carry" a handbag.

    I see "wear" used here as though a handbag were a clothing item. See what I mean?
  4. I use the terms interchangeably when I post.
  5. prada psycho we must come from the same school. i, to carry a handbag. queen:yes:
  6. Thank you, Queen! I don't feel so lonely now! :shame:

  7. I had NEVER heard the term "wear" a handbag until I found this forum!

    Even now..everyone I know refers to it as carrying a bag. Which is actually what you do with it. When I think of "wearing" a bag...the pic I saw of an old guy literally wearing a Wal-Mart bag pops into my head. :roflmfao:
  8. I tend to always say 'wear'.

    ie: what bag should I wear today?

    For me the bag is part of my outfit - in fact it is usually chosen before any clothes are pulled out. :lol:

    I guess it is because I am wearing it over my shoulder or am wearing it over my arm. To me carrying seems to indicate that it is held in my hand. :shrugs:
  9. I also say carry, never wear.
  10. I don't say wear or carry. It's not really something I need to say because I'm always using a purse. It's an item. Normally it's more like, 'I dropped my purse' or 'Can you hold my purse'.

    Although, I can understand someone who says wear because it's a part of your outfit.
  11. Here's my theory ..... Handbags are like accessories. We WEAR rings, necklaces, earings, watches, etc. Hence, we WEAR handbags. We CARRY grocery bags.
  12. I've never noticed which I tend to say, but I agree with Kat. Since we wear accessories, and a purse is an accessory, therefore we would wear it. When someone says carry, I picture them holding it in their hand or carrying it like a box or bag of groceries.
  13. Mine's on my shoulder, my shoulders don't have hands so I can't carry mine! LOL!

    I only say wear it on this Forum because like E, there's no need to even say it out loud in my normal daily life.

    It's a part of my ensemble though, so wearing the bag or carrying it are interchangable.
  14. Ha ha!

    I used to carry handbags, as well. Until I ended up with about thirty-seven of them. Now, somehow, I wear them... :nuts:

    Not sure what changed the vernacular ...
  15. From Wikipedia:

    Articles carried rather than worn (such as purses, canes, and umbrellas) are normally counted as fashion accessories rather than as clothing. Jewelry and eyeglasses are usually counted as accessories as well, even though in common speech these items are described as being worn rather than carried.