Help me~I'm contemplating which one to get...Can you give ur comments abt this??

  1. Hi, i'm comtemplating between whether shld i get the work or weekender at this moment but wat colors shld i get.

    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.... I saw incoralblue posted the thread abt the new seasons for 07 and mentioned abt VG WE is available at Bal NY. Or shld i wait till my 06 INK work pop up or shld i go for the 05 teal work currently on eBay.

    This really a hard decisions...i'm not sure if i want my bordeaux color back since i sold my work last yr and kept thinkin whether i need her back again but in WE. Or shld i go for green which is the VG or jus stick to the work style which i do not have one currently.

    Currently i have one 04 turquoise WE but thinkin of the color is a bit too light for me for a daily use and has the intention to let it go soon......:sad: :sad:

  2. Well, out of the 4 you mentioned I would go for the Ink Work or Teal Work! Do you use your WE a lot? If so, PM me and I'll tell you a secret.:graucho:
  3. I would go for 05 teal work!!!
  4. Vert Gazon Work!
  5. thanks KDC, however it seems that the VG is only available in WE style.....sigh
  6. Thanks Andy....hmm, teal color is beautiful but i'm not sure if this color is versatile enough compare to black/bordeaux.....:smile:
  7. Out of 4 that you mentioned, I would go for 06 Ink Work.
    Did you see the second photo on Jag's thread " Pics from my SA at NM"?
    I'm pretty sure that's Ink. Definitely give them a call to find out! If you could get a hold of BNWT Ink Work, I think that's the best!

    My second choice would be VG WE. Also partly because I like to break my bags in myself and I generally don't like used bags used by other people.
  8. Thanks tooshies....appreciate for ur comments....i saw the threads but don't recall if it means abt INK style...will check it out again.....:smile:
  9. Celia did you check with Bal NY if they have any Vert Gazon Works left? I tried one on before when I was there and it is really nice.

    The VG Weekender is a whole lot of's gorgeous!:yahoo: How abouta French Blue/Aquamarine Work?
  10. Incoralblue - i haven't got the chance to check with them as i have to wait till tonight our time which is their morning time....I was wondering abt the VG work but haven't think abt aqua or BF at this fact, i heard i can also check out with NM as they might have the 06 ink work........cheers
  11. Hi fren, I have seen the aquamarine work in Singapore...Its gorgeous.

    Having said that, go for what you really really like and what's on yr wish list...Ink work. So that there'll be no regrets and it'll save you the hassel of selling it later:smile:

    Anyway, you know best...Good luck!
  12. celia- i say ink only because the color is darker, would show less dirt, and therefore look newer longer. that and you don't have the Work style anymore. and if you liked it more, then go for it!
  13. Thanks my dear frnd.....probably u are right...i shld stick to my wish list and not contemplating btw other choices as i know i may regret later and go thru the sellin process again....:smile: :smile:

  14. Thanks Tara! I have made up my mind and continue to hunt for my 06 INK work which is always one of my wishlist....ehhehehe:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. Good! I'm glad you're sticking to it.
    See, when you start widening your options, it just gets too confusing:p

    Do give NM a call, and let us know what your result is!