Help me I'm a newbie!!

  1. Okay, I don't know which color Kelly to pick, because I am going to soon buy my first Hermes bag.....Rouge H or Gold (I want one more versatile, and I love both!!)............please help!!! :shame:
  2. GOLD!!!!! Togo Kelly too! :graucho:
  3. Ahh I know!!! I am SO tempted arg!!!
  4. lol,.... I think every girl should start off with a Kelly, something that will work with their daily style.

    What do you feel like more Kelly or Birkin?
  5. I agree with Bagg....and after seeing Bagg's gold togo Kelly, I reckon GOLD all the way!!!!!!!
  6. Gold! All the way!!!
  7. I want a Kelly...I'm still 18 so a kelly will be better on my bank account!! lol

    The gold seems more versatile also...
  8. 18!!!!!!!!! OMG! BEAUTIFUL!!!! You got some good taste there!!!!
  9. yea my mom thinks i'm crazy!!! lol....she's like if you buy an H bag I'll kick yiou out! :p

    she thinks a dooney is too expensive..but o well she deosn't have taste liek us ;)
  10. Oh man,..... you better start looking for that apartment!!!! lol
  11. hehehe she doesn't have to know how much it was :angel::biggrin:
  12. Gold Togo.
  13. Well, she might one day while she's browsing a magazine!
  14. I second that~!:love:
  15. ahhh, just tell her it's a fake....