Help me IDENTIFYYY! Which one Which one?

  1. I would love all of your opinions and assistance..
    i have recently received this bag as a gift from Chanel, but i dont know what it is called..
    Mine is white and gold, and was told that it was purchased at the Chanel in Beverly Hills, and that it is hard to find or something?

    I was wondering the 411 on it; what it's called, how much it was, and how much of a difference i would have to pay if i was to exchange the white to a metallic color?
    Im like totally clueless about Chanel.. I'm more LV or Balenciaga, but if you all could please help me?

    ...Should i even exchange it to metallic?
  2. Can you also please put pictures up of the metallic if you have them please?
  3. Great gift. :tup: It's the Classic Flap in size Jumbo. It's a really popular bag.
  4. ^ Agree - looks like it might be caviar too?

    As for metalic colours, I don't know if this particular style came in metallic... one of the experts will be able to tell you. If you really want to keep this style and like metallics, you could probably consider a patent? The navy and blush are really nice.
  5. It's a jumbo caviar flap..if you want something shiny go for black patent or navy patent is gorgeous.. I saw Navy patent in NM Newport Beach about a month nice..
  6. ^Mmm, yes, I have the black patent and it is absolutely DIVINE.

    The metallics only came in reissues (the ones with the rectangular lock not the CC closure). I prefer the classic flap myself.

    They had this kind of metallic classic flap at one point, but I do believe it's sold out completely as it was seasonal and hard to find.

    I have the white jumbo with silver hardware as well and I love it. I think you should definitely keep yours, it's a staple piece.