Help me identify

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    I know this forum is for purses, but I have to know where these shoes are from. At first I was sure it was Marc Jacobs, now Im sure it's Chloe, but I can't tell.

    A girl I know owns these beauties and I'm so jealous I can't stand it.
  2. They are from Chloe, I've seen them in other colours and they're really cute! They're definitely from this year, propably from spring/summer collection so you might still find them somewhere :tup:
  3. ahh I had these shoes, but sold them recently, as they were too large for me. Best of all, I got them on sale! They are indeed from s/s 2007 so its a case of keeping your eyes open and getting lucky.

    Here is an old link to my auction so you can see more piccies of them. Im sure you will find some somewhere
  4. Yes - they have a lot of them on eBay - even in my size which is a 42. I didn't know they run large. I think they are totally fabulous but the heels deter me since I would be over six feet tall.
  5. Nathalie I didn't know this was Abby untill later! Abby those shoes are at Intermix in Chicago. I saw them there when I met you a few weeks ago...they were on sale!
  6. I didn't know it was her either! Oh brother - now she'll start collecting shoes too.
  7. I was gonna say mom... like I don't know how tall you are!

    I'm not going to buy them! Just wanted to make sure I knew who made them
  8. The funniest thing is that I have these shoes saved on my favorite eBay items and was seriously contemplating getting them! Just last night I was notified by ebay that they were available in my size - assuming that they fit. Did I train you well or what?