help me identify this python

  1. ::hiss:: python.

    Well. I haven't made my purchase yet, but I spotted this gently used python bag in a consignment store recently. It's in red, but it isn't your typical silverado style. It was very small, and the style looked like this one on ebay. You could fit your wallet, cellphone, keys, and a few makeup goods. Has anyone seen it before? Any idea what it's called or how much retail was?

    (which was the original reason why I signed up to post on the purse forum, but I ended up spending an hour reading various posts. how addictive!)
  2. Wish you could post a photo.

    But welcome to the forum. It is addicting here!
  3. I think I might go out to snatch it since I've been thinking about it a whole lot. So if I'm successful, I'll post a picture of it here. ;)
  4. Good luck! I love that style (not to mention its python) :smile:
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