Help me identify this LV please

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  1. Good morning,

    Just got back from the consignment shop again with a LV, but I can't find it on the site or eBay.

    It is a damier, with braided-like straps. About 10" wide, 10" tall and 4" wide. Straps hang down at about 14".

    Heat stamp looks a little funny. Says LOUIS VUITTON (with a R after Louis)
    Made France

    Store assured me it was authentic. Wondering if I need to go back and open up a can of whoop A$$.

    Please help, I am a real newbie.

    Oh, and sorry, no photo available, having trouble with camera.
  2. That does not sound right but we need to see pics...
  3. I have never seen damier with braided straps? But maybe some vintage stuffs that I never know about.
  4. ^^^ That looks like a fake to me.:sad:
  5. Fake!
  6. So when I take it back to the store, what exactly should I tell them is fake about it?
  7. Looks fake.. :sad:
  8. Tell them you consulted a team of LV experts who advised you that this style was never made, that the tag is a total fake and you would like your money back and they should take it up with the person that consigned it with them. Or tell them you took it to LV for servicing and they gave it back to you indicating it was not one of their bags.
  9. I think this belongs in the Authenticate LV forum and not here.

    I think you need to stop going to that consignment store-this is the 2nd time you have gotten a fake from them-isn't it?

    I have never seen a damier like that-with a braided strap-nah!

    And, am I the only one who noticed that the S in Paris is actually a 5? And, the words Made France? What happened to Made In France? LOL

    Terrible, terrible fake all over! Please stop shopping at that store! Used LVs will still cost in the hundreds, anything you are getting for less than that is a very good clue it is fake!

    BTW-if it is a consignment shop-you should talk to them about not taking anymore bags from the person bringing them in! Did they have a name for this style? I am sorry this happened to you again-but, please stop shopping in that store. there are plenty of ways to get real, authentic used LVs!
  10. I bought it in Yoogis closet:

    I can't find the date code and I dont know what is it called
    pls help me identify what is this.. TIA
  11. ^^^Wrong thread - Identify This LV thread in the FAQs section
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