Help me identify this - I may have made a mistake

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  1. I tend to not buy things on ebay due to the problem of confirming that something is authentic. I saw the following auction on ebay and had seen this bag years ago and really wanted one … so without thinking I took the plunge.

    Does anyone know what the style number is for this bag?

    I was actually in a Prada store today and asked and the SA who was very sweet and she said it was an older style. I asked her about authenticity and as we all know they don't do that but she was kind enough to look at a photo on my iPhone. She said something looked weird about the stitching and the grommets. I'm not sure how she could tell from the photo. Anyway she said that while they don't talk about ebay with customers I should look at the authenticity card when I get it and google the style number online and see what comes up.

    Does anyone know what style this is and how I might be able to get a beat on if it's real when I get it on Tuesday. I do have a real backpack.

    Any advice would be helpful.
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    Why don't u post the ebay listing on the 'authenticate this' section here on the purse forum. The ladies on here will be able to tell u if authentic and may be able to identify the style for u too. I wouldn't go by what the salesperson says about things looking weird from a small iPhone photo. Plus, I've never heard a salesperson in any designer bag boutique say anything positive about buying on eBay. Why would they since they are their biggest competitor. I've bought some beautiful, authentic bags on eBay and I've sold many as well.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.