Help me identify this Hermes bag...please?

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  1. #1 Jul 3, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2009
    So when I was in Las Vegas a couple years ago I went shopping at Hermes. I was going to buy my mom a purse and snapped a quick photo of one I thought she'd like.

    At the time she said no (mainly because I just graduated and she thought I shouldn't spend that much money on buying her a gift). Now I have the means and, well, my mom deserves it.

    For the life of me I can't recall the name of this model. I guess if all else fails I can speak to Hermes and get it...but maybe there is a chance one of you ladies would be able to help me identify it.

    Thanks! :smile:


    Link to pic
  2. I've seen this before..... can't recall the name either.... but I'm sure the ladies here will give you an answer real soon!!
  3. MrBlack, your Mother is a very blessed lady! What a wonderful thing to do for her.
  4. Heh, well...she'll say I caused 9 months of grief so it's the least I can do :smile:

    Well, that's not true, she actually isn't huge into stuff like this but she deserves something nice for putting up with me for over 20 years :smile:

    This is going to be a tough trip to Hermes. I usually buy a few ties but now I want a pair of John Lobbs, this purse for her, and a wallet for myself. I think my discretionary spending is going to go down considerably after this.

    Thank you so much for helping me out, I appreciate it!
  5. I think your amazing and your mother will be soooooo happy
    do keep us updated
  6. Yes, berlingot in epsom leather, but that style might not be in production anymore. Call and see if they can locate one for you.
  7. I think this one is made in Barenia also. I think a tpfer has it in Barenia if I am not mistaken...
  8. Yes, it was made in Barenia and togo too (probably other leathers) . But the bag in the pic is epsom.
  9. The link I posted above is the exact same (black epsom/PHW) as the piccy MrBlack posted. If he can't find one in store this may be a lucky find for him!