Help me identify this Ferragamo, please! The official thread

  1. Sorry, this is a low traffic forum, with no regular authenticators. Asking for authentication in several different threads will not change this....jburgh
  2. That's why I asked, as I didn't want to leave messages in other threads. I'm terribly sorry, I'm just unsure as to which thread to go into for an answer. So sorry if I've offended anyone. It's sometimes a little confusing for the ones who are relatively new to your website. I must say it is an asset to handbag lover's community!
  3. If anyone can authenticate it, you will see the answer on the auth thread. This is why I unstuck the thread.
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  6. Hi! This is my one and only Ferragamo. My husband bought it from Singapore airport in Dec 07. Sorry about the picture quality but it was easiest to take it with my blackberry. The colour is really vivid pinkish purple really.

    So is there anyone who'd know what model this one is?

  7. I just got these last week at the sample sale in Secaucus ... I posted in the general forum but wanted to put the bags here as a reference just in case anyone else had something similar. I was hoping someone might know what the orange bag was called and what season it is from.

    I know the dark green is a Marisa - not sure if there are several size Marisa's - this one is about 18" wide and has nickel or brass hardware instead of the silver I see on alot of the Marisa's. I have no idea what the leather is ... I am assuming it is embossed? It is very lightweight and thin feeling. Any ideas?


    Orange bag:
  8. I bought this bag, but I don't know what it's called. On Styledrops and on Jomashop it was called the Espresso Nilla bag...both are sold out now. Any ideas which collection this came from and how you take care of this leather?
    Thanks for your help!


  9. A lot of Ferragamo bags have no official name, and I think this is one. It's gorgeous though. What a nice husband you have!
  10. Yes - The Nilla is from S/S 2009. Several of the bags had the little leather covered gancio dangle.

  11. Thanks so much for letting me know. ON another note-how should I treat this bag? Can I waterproof it or use leather Appleguard on it? My card says it's sensitive to humidity and water. TIA for your help!:smile:
  12. Hello everyone!

    This past summer, my friend had this ferragamo purse that I loved!! But I can't find it anywhere on the internet and I have no idea what its called or the style. Here is the picture:
    it also had a really long she wore it kind of like a messenger bag too...

    Sorry for the poor quality and thank you in advance :]
  13. Doreenjoy, thanks v much for your reply! It's a lovely bag but the colour is bit difficult to match with outfits. (not that I'm ungrateful!! :p)

    Jemk927 - I can't help you but just thought to say that the orange bag is BEAUTIFUL :love:

    anyone know what is the name of these bag call??

    my hubby bought from thailand for me. :biggrin: