Help me identify this Ferragamo, please! The official thread

  1. ^Please post this in the authentication thread just a few threads below this one. Thank you!
  2. Hi,

    I got this bag as a Christmas gift at least 3 years ago. Its stamped Salvatore Ferragamo inside but I've only ever seen it once in a Tatler magazine feature of what was inside someone's wardrobe and their version was the exact bag but in a tiger print, not zebra.

    I'm sorry the picture is REALLY bad, but can anyone help me with what it's called, what season it's from and maybe what the value of it is?

  3. Sorry - I cannot tell what that is. Can you post some bigger and clearer pictures?
  4. [​IMG]
  5. I think the style is called Nilla. Anyone else???
  6. [​IMG]

    hi there, anyone knows what is this called? i heard from the sales girl that it's the spring/summer 09 series. TIA
  7. this bag is beautiful- can't seem to find it anywhere- would anyone know where they might still have them?? recently saw it in woodbury outlets, but not sure if there might be somewhere else as well- thanks in advance!

  8. Hi, I've never been fortunate enough to have designer bags until now. Although I did find the two in question at estate sales. One is new and one is vintage. Can anyone give me info like style or collection (especially the red one)

    The tag said style 21 0864/54
    Red Cam. cachemire
    Tangerine Cam.cachemire
  9. So sorry! Feeling stupid today.
    SDC10393.JPG SDC10417.JPG SDC10402.JPG SDC10419.JPG SDC10392.JPG
  10. Definitely available at the Wrentham Outlet, at least as of this past weekend. Should be a touch over $500.
  11. I don;t know the name but I keep coming back to visit the picture...what a beautiful structured bag! Enjoy.
  12. Do they call the ostrich by another name? I'm pretty sure the regular leather ones are called the Gancio Increspi Leather Satchel.
  13. i found this black leather bag at a thrift store but can't find anything on the internet about it. it's # is br211690 and it has a "little shoe" as the clasp that keeps the purse flap closed. HELP please! thanks
  14. I bought this black patent leather bag in Bangkok 2 days ago and forgot to ask the name of the model. The label on the inside is AU-21 A947. I googled this and only found one listing on a Japanese site. I can't read Japanese. Would anyone please identify the model for me? Thanks!