Help me identify this Ferragamo, please! The official thread

  1. It looks good to me! I used to have the same bag- she's a beauty!
  2. Great, thank you! Just deciding how much I should put into fixing it up. This helps a lot!
  3. No Problem! A little apple leather condition may go a long way and it may shine up and buff out some of the scratches pretty well!
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  4. Hi guys, can someone pls help me identify this ferragamo. I’m planning to putchase this from a seller in Japan. Thanks and is it worth it for $150cad
  5. Hi guys, I’m looking to purchase a second hand Sofia and one came up in good condition however I’m concerned that this might not be authentic because there’s no metal plaque inside the bag and only the hot stamp. Something about the hot stamp looks slightly off but I haven’t really followed the brand for quite some time so really can’t say for sure. Can anyone please verify if your hot stamp looks like the below photos? Specifically the two dots on either side of the ‘Made in Italy’. Thanks in advance!

  6. Can anyone help me identify and authenticate this bag? I think it's vintage, but I can't be sure.

  7. Hello! Can someone help me identify this style of vara pumps? I'm looking to buy pre loved but i've never seen this style before. Thanks a lot! :heart:

  8. Hi! I just bought my first Ferragamo off The RealReal, and I'm loving it, but cannot for the life of me identify exactly which bag it is! I have a style number that I've tried searching but have had no luck :sad: Perhaps someone here would be kind enough to help me?? I wish I had some better pictures to post...even if someone could just give me some ideas, that would be great! I love knowing everything I can about the bags that I purchase!