Help me identify this Ferragamo, please! The official thread

  1. Hi, can anyone tell me the name of this bag please? It is an older style, around 2009. I have it in black and have no idea what it is called. Thank you!
  2. Hello i'm trying to find out wich bag this is and what value is has if any one could help me out that would be great.

    Here are the pictures if you need some more i can make them.

    Links to images:
  3. I do have three Salvatore Ferragamo bags but unfortunately I do not recognize this particular bag. It is very pretty.
  4. Hi Ladies! Thought maybe someone might have thoughts. I admittedly know much much more about mens pieces, but did find a pair of ladies "kitten heel flats" that were priced too well for me to walk away from. For some reason these spoke to me...I was at a rather high end consignment store and these were unworn and quite a deal. Does anyone have these, have any thoughts or know anything about them? I really like them but I want to make sure I'm not crazy! . I feel like they could be quite versatile. Thank you so much!

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  5. Looks like large Marisa (Marissa) Tote
  6. Thanks bag doll!!!
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  7. Anyone know anything about this buckle / belt?
    Gold buckle, Ferragamo Marking on the face and on the clip area in the back. Came with a reversible black/beige leather.

    Do I need clearer images?

    13672226_10154479253259369_1921666954_n.jpg 13672408_10154479253244369_1947471829_n.jpg 13689700_10154479253294369_172319633_n.jpg 13695937_10154479253269369_1125673528_n.jpg
  8. Hi
    Can you please identify this Ferragamo bag? What color is it and model? I got it from my mom and it's missing the shoulder strap. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement strap? Thank you in advance

    20160803_172827_resized.jpg 20160803_172849_resized.jpg
  10. Hi, need help to Authenticate this Ferragamo Vara Wallet if it is genuine.

    thanks in advance. vara 6.jpg vara 5.jpg vara 4.jpg vara 3.jpg
  11. In terms of its boxy shape and overall structure, to me your bag very much looks the Ferragamo 'Katia' bag. If you google pictures online it is very similar, although the bags do seem to vary a bit in terms of the lock mechanism that they feature - I guess Ferragamo constantly updated and varied the bag slightly over the years.

    As far as I know, this bag has been out of production for a while, but if I were you, I would try taking the bag along to a boutique to see what advice they can give you. Depending on the age of the bag though, I think its going to be pretty hard to find a strap in exactly the same colour and leather. Sorry not to be of more help...
  12. Hi, I was given this purse as a birthday gift and was wondering what model is this?
    I can't seem to find this color/design on the internet and am worried that it might be a fake ferragamo.
    Anyone can help me out here?

    [GALLERY=media, 343]Purse Front by Alice1405 posted Aug 25, 2016 at 12:55 PM[/GALLERY]
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  13. I am so sorry no one has answered your question. We are an extremely low traffic forum. I do not know the answer, but would suggest you take it to a Ferragamo boutique and ask if they know of the style name and color.