Help me identify this Ferragamo, please! The official thread

  1. Thank you - I didn't wear her much. I have a Prada tote bag I've only worn once in the past 6 years. I don't know his name either. :lol: I know - shame for shame on me. :smile:
  2. Any info on this bag ladies?
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  3. Is there a resource with info to help figure out the age/style of a bag? For example it's pretty easy to discern the date and style # from a Coach creed, but the Ferragamo serial #s have me baffled.
  4. Can anyone tell me anything about this bag, please? It's suede with what I presume is rabbit fur on the front.
  5. I was clearing out some old cupboards last night when out stumbled this Ferragamo bag. It seems really old as the hardware is tarnished and covered in what seems to be mould. My mum has no clue as to its model and so I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me identify this bag. Thanks!
    1430621198767.jpg 1430621240106.jpg 1430621284570.jpg 1430621318699.jpg 1430621352653.jpg 1430621364520.jpg 1430621472094.jpg 1430621497641.jpg
  6. Hello, can anyone authenticate these shoes? they are gift from my friend a couple months ago. Thank you !!







  7. Hi all,

    Please help identify this purse! I've had it for at LEAST ten years i reckon.
    Material is suede-ish.

    Would appreciate it if you know the year it was made too.

    Ps. A quick google search just tells me its vara suede..
    DSC_0040.JPG DSC_0041.JPG DSC_0038.JPG
  8. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this shoe, I bought them from the Nordstrom rack not too long ago! I've been trying to do research on them but nothing comes up!!
    Thanks in advance! :smile:
    IMG_5101.jpg IMG_5103.jpg
  9. I have not seen these before either. I looked through my old catalogs, too. Does the box give you any clues? Enjoy them whatever you find out, they are pretty cool!
  10. You need to post any authentic questions in the "Authenticate This Ferragamo" thread. Thank you.

  11. I found this sticker underneath the price stickers on the bottom of the shoe!! But I looked up all these different keywords and nothing :sad: and I agree, I think they're so cool because they are very unique!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1440834039.066767.jpg
  12. Hello! Can anyone please help me in identifying this Ferragamo? Thank you!
  13. Looooove this bag! Does anyone know the style name?
  14. Can anyone ID this bag for me please? Belongs to a friend, not mine but it's intriguing me, especially as it came in a dustbag with black lettering on? :wondering
    image 23.jpg